Don’t Sit Idle while you connect to your Wifi ..Use your Precious Moments With the help of ‘WAITSUITE’

In today’s scenario workload is increasing at a tremendous rate  and patience is decreasing .So in such a time of hurry no one likes to waste their Precious seconds and this app will not let you sit Idle while your connections are being established and thus  productively use our time. Even in this high-speed world of 5G wireless and “instant” messaging, there are countless moments throughout the day when we’re waiting for messages, whatsapp ticks,texts and similar things to get delivered from one end to another. But our frustrations and decreasing patience levels  while waiting a few extra seconds for our emails to push through doesn’t always mean that we must sit idle.
To help us make the most of these “micro-seconds,” researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a series of apps called “WaitSuite” that test our vocabulary words during our  idle moments whether  waiting for an instant message or for your phone to connect to WiFi.It is referred to as Wait learning as learning till we wait. It is embedded directly into your existing tasks, so that we can easily learn without leaving what we were already doing.
It covers five common daily tasks: waiting for WiFi to connect, emails to push through, instant messages to be received, an elevator to come, or content on your phone to load and these usually test your time and patience.
It could also be used for learning things like math, medical terms or legal jargon. WaitSuite gave people more opportunities to learn and practice not only vocabulary words but provides smaller bit of information on the go. For this app things could also be related to the conversations we are having and learning can be related to that .Thus such an app is good to be used as learning is a continuous process and so it must be continued in between  micro moments  too.


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