AMAZON Dream – Flying Warehouse

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In this era of competitive world customers are growing ,in result to that their demands are growing at an ever increasing rate and no matter what they want everything to be done in as minimum time as possible . Amazon a huge brand is on its way to fly high to fulfill its dream by  delivering almost any imaginable item to customers around the world.   Amazon patent has revealed the breathtaking idea of using giant airships as flying warehouses that could deploy swarms of delivery drones to customers below.It is similar to taking  fantastical flights of fancy. But it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate some of the truly wilder scenarios being imagined within this Amazon patent filing. It  currently aims to attract customers with the promise of getting almost anything—clothing, electronics and groceries—delivered within days or even hours or no one can image in minutes. It is currently racing against Google and delivery drone startups such as Flirtey to become the go-to service for customers who expect speedy deliveries of their purchases. 
Flying warehouses can give solution to problems of distant deliveries   as a mobile warehouse flying high above cities would theoretically enable Amazon to move its packages and products even closer to customers’ homes and businesses and reducing the time needed for distance shipping . 
Another is it  tries to tackle the range problem for delivery drones. The small delivery drones being tested by Amazon have fairly limited range of approximately 10 miles or 20 miles of two sided. Thus it is a major project which can satisfy a large population in one go – Fly High.

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