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5 Apps to Get More From Your Android’s Physical Buttons

5 Apps to Get More From Your Android’s Physical Buttons

1) Button Mapper

Button Mapper is a comprehensive app that can remap any button your phone or connected accessory has. It’s capable of personalizing the triggered action when you tap a key once or twice, or perform a long-press. Button Mapper is compatible with nearly every clickable component including your earphone’s buttons, volume up and down keys, and more.

Button Mapper lets you link a host of shortcuts such as toggling the flashlight, a third-party app’s internal action, navigation buttons like home, taking a screenshot, and just about anything else. In addition, you will find loads of options for changing the vibration intensity, long-press delay, and wait times. Unfortunately, unless you have a rooted phone, Button Mapper can only work when the screen is turned on.

Download: Button Mapper

2) Bixbi Button Remapper – bxActions

Bixbi Button Remapper

Bixbi Button Remapper is one of the most popular hardware remap apps for Samsung fans. It lets you remap the Bixby button as well as almost any other button. The app supports double and long presses, support for the volume rocker, and various actions. It’s suitable for those who just want the volume and Bixby buttons to change. Those looking for something a little more open may want to try other options.

Download: Bixbi Button Remapper

3) Keyboard/Button Mapper

The biggest highlight of Keyboard/Button Mapper is its ability to set up trigger combinations. So you can launch an action by pairing more than one input.For instance, you can create a new task which fires up the flashlight when you tap the volume down button and then volume up. You can string together a maximum of two presses.

Apart from your phone’s hardware, Keyboard/Button Mapper allows you to do the same with external keyboard and mouse accessories too. For example, you could enter a specific piece of text by pressing the K and B keys together. if you have a rooted device, you can unlock further advanced tricks in this app.

Download: Keyboard/Button Mapper

4)  Frinky Music Controller

Frinky Music Controller is another handy app that lets you make the most of your phone’s hardware buttons. It’s specifically for music playback and can assign actions like ForwardPause/Play to the volume up and down keys.The app even works when your screen is off, without root access or any cumbersome ADB permissions. You can also configure tasks for multiple clicks and long-presses. Frinky supports about two hundred music apps including Google Play Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Download: Frinky Music Controller 

5) Oops! AppLock

AppLock employs your phone’s hardware by allowing you to define app and screen locks based on volume key press patterns. Instead of the usual fingerprint or numeric passwords, you can unlock your phone or individual apps by tapping the volume up or down key a certain number of times.Your code can be up to five steps long. To ensure privacy, it goes as far as to masquerade itself as a simple notes app in the app drawer.

Download: Oops! AppLock


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