Reasons Why Your Android Phone Overheats And How To Prevent Those


Reasons Why Your Android Phone Overheats And How To Prevent Those

You are so into the game that you love playing and suddenly your phone shuts down. Ouch! Only then did you realize how heated up your device actually was. This might have happened to most of us. Is it okay for your phone to shut down all of a sudden because it got so hot? Well, I would say no. There could be various reasons why your phone overheats. You definitely would want to change this behavior of your phone and make it much more reliable. There are a number of reasons why your phone overheats and it is very important that you identify with which one your phone has got an issue with. What are you waiting for? Dive into the article to learn about the phone overheating issues and to learn how to solve these problems.

Reason 1: Viruses

The reason why your phone overheats could very well be because of the unknown presence of uninvited guests. If you haven’t got a good anti-virus software installed on your device, your phone could be under the attack of a hidden malware and this could be the reason why your phone overheats. To solve this issue, downloaded apps from trusted sources only and scan your phone for viruses with a good anti-virus app regularly.

Reason 2: A Suffocating Phone CaseDo you have one of those fancy phone cases? Well, it’s very much possible that your fancy phone case is suffocating your phone that’s inside, giving it no room at all to breath. You could try removing the case to see if the heat perishes.
Reason 3: An Overcharged Battery Or A Low Quality Charger Cable

If you always have that tendency to put your phone on charge right before you sleep and take it out when you wake up, there’s a great chance that your battery is overcharged and this can result in your phone overheating. Also, a low quality charger can give your phone overheating issues.


Reason 4: A Misused WiFi ConnectionCould the overheating be caused because you don’t turn off your WiFi at all? Well, that can’t quite be the reason. But if you haven’t prevented your apps from using the Internet in the background whenever they get their hands on a WiFi connection, then that could pretty much heat things up. To solve this issue, adjust your settings in such a way that your apps do not use the Internet without your concern, be it foreground or background.


Reason 5: High BrightnessWhy don’t you adjust your phone brightness in such a way that it can’t harm your phone or your eyes? The more the screen brightness, the more the heating and the battery issues. So adjust your screen brightness to that comfortable level today itself.


Well, these are some of the reasons why your phone overheats. Hope you found the article useful. Do come back for more, as there is always something new waiting right here for you.


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