NxtGen To Improve Data Center Agility with VCS Fabric

vcs fabric માટે છબી પરિણામ
Flexibility and Cost effective infrastructure in any organisation or Enterprise is of utmost importance so to achieve these a traditional data center model is no more an option for cloud and data center service providers.  These beneficiaries  can also scale up or down to support dynamic applications. Service providers are also expected to deal with issues such as data security and traffic control. With the advent of software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, these issues can be effectively resolved while optimizing operational efficiency and costs. NxtGen, a provider of data center and cloud services took the SDN route to build its network infrastructure.But for NxtGen,challenge was to meet the expectations of being ahead of its competition, along with keeping its costs lower than the rest of the market. The company realized a lack in their existing network infrastructure, which has been built on STP (Spanning Tree Protocol).Initially it had two switches—active and passive. If the active switch fails for any reason, the passive switch becomes active automatically, which led them use only 50 percent of their network resources, which is truly a waste of resources, manpower, and even bandwidth.In process of improvisation or developing things/technologies issues do arise and with 50 percent of the resources  left unused,  issues which reflected were looping in IP addresses, complex management issues, longer deployment time, manual intervention etc. Therefore NxtGen needed a way to provide faster service on cloud infrastructure for their clients, who demands for  workload and application hosting services on cloud.The long-term success depended on reducing complexity and costs, while leveraging software-driven innovations. It had put itself in a prime position to do that, by deploying an open, flexible and highly automated cloud networking solution, in line with the New IP framework.“Our enterprise customers have infinite IT resources to leverage, whether hosted in our datacenters and/or at customer premises. We were building an infinite datacenter, and that requires complex network planning to deliver high-level of uptime, low-latency. And more importantly, the ability to seamlessly leverage compute resources across datacenters,” said A.S. Rajgopal, MD & CEO of NxtGen Data Center & Cloud Services.So to develop such a data center  right solution  is needed to lead to higher performance

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