Charge inside a room WITHOUT having chargers or power bank …Interesting!

સંબંધિત છબીNo need to worry if there are less or at the worst no plug-ins inside the room…still you can
charge your electronic devices on the go. And though some devices can already be charged without wires, researchers at The Walt Disney Company have recently supersized the technology by building a wireless “charging room.”

Scientists at a branch of The Walt Disney Company called Disney Research have converted an entire room into a wireless charger that can boost the batteries of 10 objects at one time.With so much capacity i.e. of charging 10 devices in a room it can be really fruitful for public,private or no matter  for what purpose .In today’s time  almost no work is possible without gadgets and to keep them running they too need their food i.e power in sense of charging for their working. The researchers said they were inspired by inventor Nikola Tesla, who created the first system to wirelessly transmit electricity — the Tesla coil.
Tesla believed there could be a global network of wireless electricity that would use an electromagnetic wave that reverberated between the ionosphere (a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere filled with ions and free electrons) and the ground .While Tesla’s vision didn’t come to fruition, Sample and his colleagues were inspired to investigate how wireless charging could be set up in large spaces. It will be no less than  a three-dimensional charging experience, where one can walk into any living room or office and their cellphone is charged simply by walking in. Sample stated-we have a metalized room, and we’re going to use standing electromagnetic waves that reverberate all around this room, providing wireless power to any devices inside.
Methadology works as -Known as quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR), the wireless charging technology uses electromagnetic fields generated by electrical currents. Disney Research’s room is outfitted with aluminum-paneled walls and a centrally located copper pole that houses 15 capacitors (which store electrical energy, as batteries do). As the capacitors generate electrical currents, they travel through the ceiling, walls and floor, and then back through the pole. These electrical currents create the electromagnetic fields that circulate around the pole and wirelessly charge devices in the room which relieves us from tension of carrying charger with us all the time and also reduce the need of finding plug-ins.

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