SCHEDULE MESSAGE FOR WHATSAPPSometimes we forget to wish our friend on his birthday or anniversary or we forget to send important message which we have to send after some time for that today I will show method to schedule the whatsapp message. You can schedule the message that at what time the message is to be send  for that you need a app call Scheduler for WhatsApp  which is available in play store
Now I will show you the step by step processes for scheduling your message

  1. Download and install this app in your phone
  2. After that open the app and give  him a Accessibility  permission in your phone
  3. After that click on + sign which in the bottom of your screen

4.Now fill the details which is required and that’s it

5.You will get notification when the message is sent

Note :-Make sure your system time is correctely set

The device should be connected to internet at that time


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