How to hack wifi password without Rooting your Android phone

How to hack wifi password without Rooting your Android phone

I am going to teach you how to Hack Wi-Fi Password By Android Without ROOT [Latest Way] 2016, Now you can hack Wi-Fi password easily and without root. Friends today the method we are going to use is not very hard OR you do not need to follow to much steps you can use some apps which are available on Google Play Store for free and are able to hack Wi-Fi- password easily in just one minute.First of all you have to download from Wifi wps wpa testerGoogle Play Store

Note :-This app can hack only WPS & WPA routers. It cannot Hack WPA2 Router to hack password. and it only support Latest Version of Android, Android 5.O or later then it so your android must be updated.

1. Install the Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER from Google Play Store and open the app.This is best hacking aap for Android Phone 2016.

2. Click onto the Refresh button it will show your available networks.                                                                                

3. If it shows a red icon after network name then it cannot hack it and if it show green icon then it can hack the password.

4. Select the Green network.

5. Now click on connect automatic pin it will try to connect to network with its designed algorithm, and will take maximum 1  to 2 minutes to show you the results.

Note:- This method connect your phone with wifi network but do’t show password of this particular wifi connection for showing the password your phone must be rooted.

If you do not get success with this method I mean app then there is a second app which is more powerful than this one and can also try to hack WPS protected networks that is Wps Wpa Tester Premium.

Note:- I share this method only for educational purpose. I don’t support any wrong deed done from these post.


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