tele immersion માટે છબી પરિણામTele-Immersion or (TI) is defined as the integration of audio and video conferencing, via image-based modeling, with collaborative virtual reality (CVR) .It is designed and developed to allow  users at geographically distributed sites to collaborate in real-time i.e with almost no delay, in a shared simulated environment. It is a new medium and have also enlighten the futuristic path to TI technology. It enables a user to share a virtual space with remote participants. The user is immersed in a 3D world that is transmitted from a remote site. This medium gives light on the virtual reality of  human interaction with surroundings, enabled by digital technology approximates the illusion that a person is in the same physical space as others and it gives an image of the fact that distance is not an issue but in reality they are miles away . It combines the display and interaction techniques of virtual reality with new computer-vision technologies. With such a technology  users at geographically distributed sites can collaborate in real-time in a shared, simulated, hybrid environment  and feeling  as if they are sharing the presence of being in  the same physical space.
TI technology make use of  arrays of cameras and microphones to capture 3D scenes in real time. By having this setup at multiple remote sites and streaming the 3D data between the various locations one can experience high level of interaction which can never be achieved by 2D tech. In a Tele-immersive system users, represented as 3D data, are merged into a common virtual environment where they can interact with other remote users and/or interact with shared non-existent virtual objects placed in the environment with them. The 3D effect thus plays a rich experience of making it feel as if  like the real thing. It can provide a  “next generation” interface for collaborators, worldwide, to work together in a virtual environment and making it work go alive like never before.


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