Fraunhofer development engineers have developed  a new app which provide us with the direct look inside objects and show us with its specific constituents . To deal with its one of applications as in case of apples  which can be scanned for pesticide residues.

In today’s time purity is just a label and no one can be sure of how real the product is.As in case of edible things particularly fruits and vegetables which are labelled as organic can’t be believed fully if it is sprayed or not.So here comes an app – “HawkSpex mobile” app from the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg that  will enable consumers to verify such information as for the constituents it may contain. This app has simple usage as to open it ,then aim it at the object to be  scanned for say an apple  and get all specific  information whether it contains pesticide residues.This  app is  special for the matter as  users don’t need anything for a scan other than the camera already integrated in their smartphones ,no need of hyperspectral comes into play for this app and as per further information this app might be launched on the market around the end of 2017.But as we all know nothing is as perfect as we wish to achieve it in a one go some problems can be requirement of  measuring different distributions of substances or materials rather than specifying individual constituents. 

Once  the app is launched in the market, active users will be able to contribute to the whole big thing and create new applications. This means they would use the app to scan different types of treated and untreated heads of lettuce and send the data to the Fraunhofer IFF. The development engineers would verify the measurements and release them to all users.The app has extremely interesting commercial potential, too, and can be used to develop sectors that wouldn’t really benefit from high precision scanners. Potential examples could be control of foods,  effectiveness of cosmetic products or even agriculture and many future possibilities will open up once it is  successfully launched.


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