HOW SOMEONE CAN HACK YOUR WHATSAPP ACCOUNT ?Protect your Whatsapp account from others by knowing the method with which hackers can hack your WhatsApp. We have listed three methods as well as ways to secure your WhatsApp account

Security is just an illusion and this thing mainly concerns with our privacy in the virtual world. If you think locking your WhatsApp with a password will make it secure then you are wrong. Even after you have locked your WhatsApp with app lock, even then it is possible to read all your chats very easily. Anyone just needs to access your device for a minute or two and your privacy will be exposed. So have a look at the ways by which anyone can hack your WhatsApp in Android.

How Someone Can Hack Your Whatsapp In Android

The WhatsApp takes daily backup of all your conversations in a routine. And if someone can get that backup, they can read your chat. Now, there is 2 way to get the backup.

1 By finding the Backup file location:

This can be done by using the file manager and anyone copy it to the other device using Bluetooth, wifi direct etc. But this file is encrypted. But It can be extracted and with that, all your chats will go to the hacker and your private chats will be totally insecure. And the files that can someone use to get your chat backup is below.

File location – (/sd card/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt)

2 Using Whatsapp Chat Backup Apps:

Another method is my personal favorite which I discovered accidentally while I was testing some other application. By using the auto backup apps like backup text for WhatsApp, someone can directly send your WhatsApp chats through email in plain text.

App – Backup Text for Whats

3 Hacking WhatsApp Account From Confirming OTP SMS

As we all know, we can’t use WhatsApp account without confirming our number through OTP SMS. Hacker just needs to access your SMS messages and get the code to verify your number in their smartphones. Hackers can use various spyware apps to track down your verification code.

How To Protect yourself ?

  • Always use some Good antivirus in your Android smartphone
  • Turn off SMS notifications from your lock screen.
  • You can use AppLock in your SMS app

4 WhatsApp Hack By Spoofing MAC address:

Every computer/device have unique mac address and WhatsApp uses this MAC address to verify that you are not using WhatsApp on two different devices with the same number. So if the hacker is able to spoof your mac address than he will be able to see all of your WhatsApp activity.

5 Mirroring Your Phone/WhatsApp Web

There are several applications like Vysor and Teamviewer Quick support that allows you to stream your whole Android phone screen to the computer. A hacker can access your whole phone and can read or Alter WhatsApp messages. Hackers can use WhatsApp web if he is connected to your wifi network.

How To Protect Yourself?

  • You can enable Pattern lock in your Android smartphone
  • You can look for a suspicios app on your device and if you suspect the one, you need to uninstall it ASAP.
  • Change WiFi passwords on the regular interval.

So this is how someone can hack your WhatsApp Account. So beware and remember this post before giving your phone or your MAC address to someone. As your privacy is now in your hands. Hope you like this, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment if you have any related queries with this.


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